Ultimate Weight Loss #2 | Subliminal

This is a subliminal to:
– be 100 pounds
– lose weight fast
– have a fast metabolism
– eat whatever you want without gaining weight
– get fast results

🖤 You only get your desired results
🖤 All desired results are permanent
🖤 Listen at least 30-60 minutes a day
🖤 Drink a lot of water before or during this subliminal
🖤 Listen with a booster for faster results
🖤 Listen at 50% or lower volume
🖤 Headphones are optional
🖤 My subliminals are downloadable
🖤 I do not accept requests

Even though some of my affirmations are to let you eat whatever you want without gaining weight I wouldn’t recommend eating too much/binging for a few weeks to make sure the affirmations have completely sunk in.

Song: Be My Baby vs Everyday – Ariana Grande